My Little France

Natural beauty is French

The start of a great adventure between you and My Little France for healthier beauty.

November 15, 2023

Happiness and emotion

It’s with great joy and a wealth of emotions that I’m sharing this first article to mark the launch of My Little France! Our mission? To spread the love of healthy, natural French cosmetics, not just in our beautiful country, but throughout the world.

My Little France is above all a team of women who are passionate about beauty and naturalness. We’re here to share our expertise, meet your needs and support you in your quest for well-being. Let us show you our boutique with a concept that reflects the latest trends.

A first step into the natural world

When my first child was born, my priority was to find the best products for his first days. At the time, in the countryside, supply was limited and access complicated. That’s how I came to set up a shop, both physical and online, accessible to everyone, anywhere in France, 24 hours a day.

We offered cosmetics for babies and mums, bisphenol-free feeding bottles, organic cotton clothes, wooden toys and washable nappies.


I love that these products are made in France with healthy, natural ingredients, and my family loves them.

My immersion in the web world followed, and I ran a digital communications agency in Geneva with a dedicated team. It’s been a fantastic time and I’ve gained a lot from it for this upcoming project.

However, when my second child was born, everything changed. I wanted to take a break, savour every moment, and that included taking care of myself.

Whether it’s a lack of time at work or becoming a mother, we’re no longer in touch with our bodies: that’s when we need support in choosing our products.

But where to start and which product to choose? Need advice!!

The variety of products available can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you’re looking for solutions for the whole family: dad, teenagers, baby and, of course, yourself. With so many tempting references to choose from, choosing is a tricky task. Everyone has their own specific needs – beard, acne, highly reactive skin, dry hair, oily hair, etc. Besides, we’re not all beauty specialists!

Surround yourself with the right people

To achieve our mission, I’ve put together a team of women who are passionate about natural cosmetics and share strong values. Our goal? Offer products that are clear and accessible, both in terms of information and price. We believe that beauty should be accessible to everyone, without exception.

We’ll soon be giving you an overview of the My Little France concept: the brands, the products and the sales channels!

See you soon,